Chapter Markers

Effortlessly navigate through your favourite video content.

When watching non-scripted video content, such as news, reality shows, sports, and entertainment, viewers often struggle to get a clear overview of the different topics covered in the program. While this can be discouraging for users, for TV service providers, this UX problem could mean lower viewership and fewer chances for content monetisation.


How to maximize user engagement through quick content navigation

Chapter Markers identify thematically similar topics and generate time markers between the segment margins in a real-time and fully automated way. Chapter Markers allow viewers to easily navigate through video content to the parts they are interested in and save time from manual scrolling. This results in higher engagement, customer satisfaction, retention, and return on content investment.


The benefits

Fully automated and in real-time

Chapter markers and chapter titles are created fully automatically. No manual curation required. Ready to be used minutes after the program has aired.

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Informed viewing

Having an instant overview of the topics within the video content ensures higher customer engagement and loyalty to the video service.

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Accessible in both short and long format

Let viewers jump immediately to the chapter of interest, skip non-interesting topics, or let them view chapters as standalone clips

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