Topic Distillery™

Enabling topic-based discovery and playback for all content

With non-scripted live content such as news, sports and entertainment it is not possible to know in advance what the actual content is - meaning viewers interested in specific topics will not find the content these topics appear in, unless they get recommendations from their network.
With Topic Distillery™ this is no longer the case -  by analyzing the video stream we open up a lot of new opportunities for the discoverability of appealing content you were not aware to have on your platform.


How to enable topic-based discovery

With Topic Distillery™ we automatically detect topics in live broadcast programs, enabling you to increase the viewing time of your content. Allow viewers to find content that was impossible to find before with traditional metadata. Boost engagement and surprise viewers by tying your video platform to trending topics in society, chapter-based playback and topic-based personalization.


The Benefits

Increase discoverability and viewing time

Enable your viewers to discover all content in your catalogue with advanced in-video search and discovery capabilities

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Surprise viewers with trending and emerging topics

Trending topics or news? Recent sport coverage? Turn your video platform into a "sticky" environment by offering viewers the content they engage with the most, every day.

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Content chapters

Boost viewer experiences by adding chapter markers to your player. Let viewers quickly jump to the parts they care about. Make your long-form content suitable for shortform consumption.

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How it works

By analyzing the video stream we understand every second of the content. We tag the content with topics, chapter transitions and deep metadata such as locations, people, actors, persons of interest.

This opens up many new opportunities for the discoverability of your content that viewers did not know you had on your platform. Imagine viewers following their favourite team, get the latest updates will a trending story develops.

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