Topic Distillery™ for Search & Discovery

Unearthing the buried treasure in your content library

Multi-channel TV services typically include live, unscripted programming that covers many topics in one show. News, Sports and chat shows are a goldmine of snackable content that’s hidden from viewers because it’s typically untagged and unindexed. There’s no metadata to let the search algorithms know what topics are being discussed.

Topic Distillery™ uses the latest speech and image recognition technologies, alongside generative AI, to identify and tag segments within unscripted programming, highlighting the topics, themes, people and events featured so they can be surfaced to viewers in your existing search functionality.


How to surface the hidden gold in your content library

Topic Distillery™ analyzes live programmes in real-time and at scale to accurately identify what topics are being covered at any given time. It uses (generative) AI to create user-friendly metadata tags. For example, it might signpost music fans to a feature on the rising cost of tour tickets in a finance show, or help news junkies get the latest on an unfolding story across multiple channels.

Results are available within minutes to capitalize on the 60% of catchup viewing that happens on the day of airing. The generated data can be easily added to your existing search functionality, without impacting your playback UX.


The Benefits

Drive engagement to limit churn

The more content viewers find and watch, the more they’ll value their subscription. Supercharge search, discovery and personalization with rich metadata that keeps viewers hooked.

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Help users try new content types

In tests conducted by a leading Pay TV operator, viewers said Topic Distillery helped them find features on their favorite topics in shows they wouldn’t normally watch.

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Keep viewers watching for longer

Compete with the likes of YouTube and TikTok. Help viewers find attractive content in bite-sized, snackable chunks to prevent them switching away.

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How it works

By analyzing your video streams with a blend of image and speech recognition models, we can understand every second of the content. Our AI generates data on segment transitions within the show and adds tags and other deep metadata such as topics, locations, people, actors, and persons of interest.

Adding this metadata to existing programme descriptions will upgrade the EPG and transform your search results, enabling users to find the most fleeting mention of the topics they love, or subscribe to updates as trending stories and themes develop.     

You can also use the same data to introduce chaptering within your playback timeline, so viewers can jump straight to the content they care about. Or it can super-charge the discoverability of your sports content for die-hard fans of specific teams, tournaments and athletes.                       

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