VTR Case Study

1 million Chilean households are now able to re-watch their favourite programmes seamlessly using VTR's replay platform.

VTR, Chile’s largest cable operator, part of Liberty Latin America, has implemented Media Distillery technology to improve the user experience for video subscribers. Over 1 million Chilean households are now able to re-watch their favourite programmes seamlessly using VTR's replay platform.

Restarting a program in the VTR replay platform, based on Media Distillery technology

"We’re excited to optimise our Replay TV platform for VTR subscribers through Media Distillery's innovation; our customers can now enjoy a better video experience," - Edwin Elberg, Senior Director Entertainment at Liberty Latin America.

Streaming services have in recent years set a new benchmark for seamless viewing experiences, and consumers today have high expectations for all aspects of video UX. Media Distillery‘s advanced technology uses AI to accurately identify time markers in video content. As a result, viewers can replay a broadcast TV programme and see the show precisely from the very beginning. Implementing EPG Correction™ results in a consistent, smooth experience across all channels, regardless of the broadcast source.

Media Distillery at VTR

Products implemented

EPG CorrectionTM 

Live since2021

Content analysed

60 channels, real-time

"We are honoured that VTR, our first Latin American customer, has chosen Media Distillery technology to deliver an enhanced viewer experience" - Roland Sars, CEO Media Distillery

About VTR

EntitySubsidiary of Liberty Latin America
Type of OperatorCable 
HeadquarterSantiago, Chile
Area servedChile
Video households1 million

About VTR

VTR is a pioneer company in the development of telecommunications in Chile, present in 114 communes between Tarapacá and Aysén. VTR is the largest telecommunications company in the country, providing connectivity and entertainment to families, companies and institutions.Today they have a network that allows us to connect nearly 4 million homes.It is owned by Liberty Latin America.