Topic Distillery™ for Sports

Give sports fans easy access to content they care about

No-one is more passionate than sports fans. That’s why high quality sports content is a hallmark of many TV services. But it’s often hard for enthusiasts to find and watch some of that valuable content, because features on the sport, athlete or event they care about is buried within longer shows.

With Topic Distillery™ it’s easy to delight fans by exposing them to more of the great content you already have in your live, unscripted programming. The AI will find all the relevant content about teams, leagues and players across all your channels and shows, even those not wholly dedicated to sport. Recommend shows that feature a viewer’s favorites and help them jump straight to the highlights or analysis that matters to them.


How to score a winning sports discovery UX

Topic Distillery™ analyzes live programmes in real-time to accurately pinpoint the teams, players, sports or events that are featured at any given moment. Results are available within minutes. 

In tests conducted by one leading European Pay TV operator, 74% of sports fans found the user experience powered by Topic Distillery to be appealing, and 73% said it made them watch more content than before. 70% indicated Topic Distillery made them watch sports they would usually watch on other platforms and many agreed that they’d found content about their team or league in programmes they wouldn’t normally watch.


The benefits

Increase engagement and dwell time with personalization

Keep fans watching for longer, and sampling a wider range of your content by offering them a ready-made selection of content featuring their favorite sport, team or athlete.

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Promote user satisfaction with improved discoverability

Don’t make fans scroll through hours of coverage to find the five-minute segment on the match or event they care about. Use timecode-accurate, topic-based chapters to help them jump straight into the action.

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Prevent users from switching to YouTube

Your competition, especially for younger sports fans, is the sharing sites that offer highly targeted content in bite-sized, snackable chunks. Topic Distillery can help you replicate this experience on your service to prevent users from switching away.

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How it works

By analyzing the video stream, we understand every second of your content. Our AI automatically generates tags for the different sports, tournaments, teams, players or athletes featured in each show. This can help a Manchester United or Real Madrid fan to find features on their team, even in shows they wouldn’t normally watch like the news or a business programme. 

Using Topic Distillery™ opens up many new opportunities for the discoverability of your content. Allow viewers to self-select teams or sports to follow. Or make proactive,  personalized recommendations based on their previous viewing habits. 

You can also use our tags to improve the search & discovery experience when viewers look for specific teams or individuals. Or use chaptering to help them skip the post-match interviews and go straight to the analysis.

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