Altice Case Study

The largest telecommunication provider in the country, Altice Portugal has adopted EPG Correction Distillery™ from Media Distillery.

This implementation benefits 1.5 million subscribers of MEO, the consumer TV service brand operated by Portugal’s largest operator of the same name, wholly owned by Altice Portugal.

In addition to more precise start and end times, the time markers generated by Media Distillery enable Altice Portugal to provide pre-roll ad insertion, unlocking new monetisation potential.

“With the help of Media Distillery, we can provide a seamless discovery and selection to our users. Both features are absolutely fundamental for a superior UX, and help us to monetise growing replay usage.” - said José Pedro Nascimento, Director of Engineering and Operations at Altice Portugal.

More Accurate Time Markers

Typically, an EPG only indicates the approximate start time for the linear broadcasts. However, the actual broadcasted times of TV shows can differ up to several minutes. As a result, users get a user experience subpar with what they have grown accustomed to with On Demand video services: when press play the program starts. But in practice they may see the previous program still playing, or worse, they miss out on the start of their favourite show, which can cause significant frustration and increase churn rates.

AI-based EPG Correction Distillery analyses broadcasts in real-time across multiple channels, and adjusts the start-times of the replay to coincide with the actual start times of TV programmes as they are broadcast. This benefits the users, who can now trust a more precise EPG schedule, and enjoy a more elevated viewing experience. From the previous case studies it has been observed that EPG Correction Distillery can increase Catch-Up TV usage by up to 20%.

More Efficient Ad Insertion

EPG Correction Distillery brings additional value for ad effectiveness and video content monetisation. Media Distillery’s time markers were a much-needed addition to MEO’s solution for inserting ads in the replay environment: determining the exact moment when the ad should be inserted, EPG Correction Distillery lets the operator benefit from a new revenue stream and improve return on investment in content.

“Altice Portugal fills two needs with one deed adopting Media Distillery: the seamless VOD-like experience for catch-up and replay benefits the end users, while dynamically inserted advertisement can harness the full monetisation potential for MEO’s content in their replay environment ”- said Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery. 

Media Distillery at Altice Portugal

Products implementedEPG CorrectionTM
Live since2022
Content analysed20 channels, real-time

About Altice Portugal

EntitySubsidiary of Altice Europe
Type of OperatorTelecommunications service provider
HeadquartersLisbon, Portugal
Area servedPortugal
Number of subscriptions1.5 million

Market leader, Altice Portugal operates in all segments of the ICT sector: fixed, mobile, television, multimedia, data, advertising, data centre, and cloud as well as business solutions, providing an integrated telecommunication offering with Telco, ICT, and BPO. Altice Portugal is part of Altice Europe, an international group strongly anchored in robust infrastructure with high quality, with a clear content strategy and innovative offers of converged telecommunications services.