Image Distillery™

Imagery that lets viewers discover the content they love

A majority of viewers use a video service UI to find inspiration on what to watch next, and they often end up facing a multitude of stock images that do not reflect the essence of the content. This leads to unnecessary dwell-time and worse, people may choose alternative platforms to pick the right content faster. Image Distillery makes sure you always have appealing, descriptive and personalizable images, making viewers discover the right content quicker.


How to boost your UX with descriptive and attractive images

Image Distillery™ automatically provides clear images, capable of eliminating textual elements, such as subtitles, and graphical elements like logos, which might interfere with other visual elements in the UI. The solution can provide multiple images, such that the customer can create personalized experiences or do final editorial curation. 


The benefits

Faster access to the right content

Appealing images that represent each programme in the visually most attractive way, that allow you to reduce dwell time and increase viewing by 10%!

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Personalized Imagery

Create a personalized UI with experiences with images matching individual viewer interest.

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Customizable to your UI

Adaptable to meet your UI requirements: image aspect ratios, positioning of overlay text.

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How it works

Via Image Distillery™ we ensure the image chosen to be displayed in the UI is crisp and blur-free, that the actors’/presenters’ eyes are open, and the characters’ positioning in-frame is aesthetically pleasing.

The Images are created directly out of a broadcast signal or video asset, in a real-time and fully automated fashion. This means that even for live-programming appealing images can be provided and used to boost catch-up and replay viewing. 

Images can be generated from the entire program, or from a specified time range, to prevent inadvertently showing spoilers in the UI.

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