Topic Distillery™ for Chaptering

Give viewers a short-cut to the content they love

Imagine you’re browsing a streaming service and find a chat show replay illustrated with a picture of your favorite actor. But the show’s an hour long, and you must scroll through several other guests to reach the segment you want. It’s a poor user experience. You may find it’s quicker to search for the clip on YouTube!

Topic Distillery™ not only identifies the topics mentioned in TV shows, it provides precise timecodes for when each one comes up. This allows video service providers to offer handy chapter markers within replays, so viewers can jump quickly to the segment that interests them.


How to save viewers time and frustration

Topic Distillery™ analyzes video streams in real-time and at scale, using generative AI to create user-friendly tags for the topics, themes, people and locations featured. These tags are associated with the start and end times for each segment, creating a set of chapters to aid user navigation. As clients like NLZIET have found, it’s invaluable for longer shows and live, unscripted programming that lacks useful descriptive metadata. 

Results are available within minutes to capitalize on the 60% of catchup viewing that happens on the day of airing. The generated data can be displayed in whatever way works best with your existing playback UX.


The Benefits

Upgrade replay UX on all screens

Recreate the “snackable” appeal of social media & mobile viewing on the big screen. Topic Distillery enables easy access to segmented content as part of your existing replay experience.

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Prevent users switching away

Delight today’s increasingly impatient viewers. Reduce the content discovery hassle to limit the risk they’ll defect to YouTube or social media to content in instant, bite-sized chunks.

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Achieve consistent excellence

Topic Distillery can generate chapter markers for many channels in minutes, ensuring viewers get a uniformly high quality playback & navigation experience regardless of the channel source.

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How it works

By analyzing the video stream, we understand every second of your content. Our AI automatically generates tags for the different locations, people, actors or persons of interest and associates them with the precise timecode at which they are featured in your replays. Live programmes are analyzed in real-time and the results are made available within minutes.

Using the data from Topic Distillery™ can revolutionize how viewers navigate through your replay programmes. You can choose how to display the chaptering information, for example as clickable points on a timeline in the play-back window, or in a menu alongside.

You can also use the same data to improve the search & discovery experience, or to super-charge the discoverability of your sports content for die-hard fans of specific teams, tournaments and athletes.

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