Ad Break Distillery

Optimise Replay Experiences and Grow Monetization Potential

The latest addition to Media Distillery's Time Markers Suite, Ad Break Distillery, identifies the precise start and end times of ad breaks in video content. This allows for more effective monetisation of catch-up and replay formats and reuse of broadcast content archives for FAST and AVOD platforms


How ad break markers can transform UX

The recent surge of OTT popularity has evoked new user demands for a more modern and flexible viewing experience, with ad experiences tailored to on-demand viewing. The lack of ad break time markers in broadcast video hinders the ability of service providers and broadcasters to create tailored ad experiences, such as dynamic ad insertion or shorter ads, and limits viewing experiences.


The benefits

Fully automated ad break detection

Actionable ad breaks markers for all your broadcast content without ad break signalling.

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Enable OTT type ad-experiences for broadcast content

Replace linear ad breaks with dynamic advertising, trick play restrictions during ads, or ad break skipping as a premium feature.

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Repurpose broadcast content for FAST and AVOD

Useful for content archives where existing ads no longer have value due to end of the campaign or product, or ad in a foreign language.

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What it brings

Using the latest AI models for deep content analysis, Ad Break Distillery automatically detects the start and end times of ad breaks. This provides TV service providers with a range of options for managing their ad inventory, including dynamically replacing ads, enforcing ad break trick play restrictions, or allowing premium skipping of ad breaks. Our solution helps TV service providers enhance the viewing experience and maximize content monetization potential.

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