EPG Correction Distillery™

Providing VOD-like experiences for catch-up and replay

Catch-up and replay services typically rely on the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for recording programs. However, the actual start and end of TV programs are often not in line with the EPG, which leads to viewers missing the beginning of a program or being forced to watch part of the previous commercial break or program. Overall, this results in a poor user experience: recordings don’t correspond with the real start and stop of the program, causing user frustration and high churn rates.


How to boost catch-up and replay viewing with 20%

As 35% of catch-up viewing happens within 15 mins after the program starts, having correct start- and end- times in place as soon as possible is key to ensure users’ satisfaction and engagement. Our solution provides real-time adjustments by correcting the misalignment between the scheduled and the actual air times of TV programs and commercial breaks for any channel. Catch-up viewers can already have accurate start times when the program is still airing. 


The benefits

VoD like experiences for all your content

Make sure to offer an optimal experience similar to that of popular on-demand services.

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Automatic and Real-Time

It only takes about 20 seconds between detecting the start and end times of programs and their respective ad breaks and you being able to use it.

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Cost-effective and broadcaster agnostic

Cut on both storage and editorial costs and reduce the time to market - no dependencies on additional broadcaster metadata.

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What it brings

With our solution, you can experience a 20% increase in catch-up TV usage, enabling subscribers to enjoy their favourite programmes from the very beginning and delivering a harmonious viewing experience. Additionally, EPG Correction Distillery offers binge-watch capabilities, including recommendations and a 'watch the next episode' feature at the end of a video.
Currently, the EPG Correction Distillery corrects 20,000 programs per day, totaling 7.5 million corrections per year.

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