Context Distillery for Ads™

Match ads to the content your viewers consume

While enjoying a travel show, the last ad that your viewers would like to see is about a lightbulb. But what if you would display an ad related to the location they are just seeing on their screen, or related to travelling and holidays? With Context Distillery for Ads™ this is all possible: we enable video services to contextually match ads with the content they offer.

Our solution accurately distills context from video, connecting TV programs with relevant advertisements based on purely contextual data, solving any GDPR issue and unlocking better ad placement opportunities.


How to tailor ads to video content

With Context Distillery for Ads™ we enable contextual relevant advertising by providing contextual and time-aligned data about the program contents. This allows advanced contextual matching of ads, for pre-, mid- and postrolls and pause-ads uses.

Highly contextual advertising ensures that your consumers stay engaged and face ads that are relevant to the content they are watching, leading to an optimised brand perception for you and your advertiser.


The Benefits

Maximized ad value with contextual ad targeting

Make the perfect contextual match between the content a viewer is watching and the advertisers desire to reach the right audience at the right times.

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Privacy Friendly

Context Distillery for Ads™ does not involve any third-party viewer data. This results in you having optimal ad placement per individual viewer, without having any GDPR issues.

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Higher effectiveness via enhanced audience segments

Improve and enhance your audience segments based on the concrete topics the viewers actually watched instead of just abstract classifications.

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How it works

We distill contextual information relevant to advertisers from broadcast and on demand  video. Examples include IAB categories, brands and brand logos, geographical locations, persons and actors of interest, objects, topics, moods, etc. This actional data can be utilized in the ad decisioning process to contextually match advertisers to content matching their brand or ad messaging.

As we also provide context for different parts of the program, advertisers can leverage enhanced pre-, mid- and postroll opportunities as well as pause-video ads, making sure their ad message is always perfectly aligned with the content.

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