NOS Case Study

Media Distillery facilitates ad-insertion capabilities and creates a smooth viewing experience for NOS' replay platform

NOS, Portugal's primary cable operator, has selected Media Distillery’s technology to enhance the user experience and customer engagement of their video platform, by creating a ‘linear on demand’ viewing experience.

“With a rapid increasing usage of our replay platform, we strive to offer our customers the most enhanced service possible. Thanks to the Media Distillery, NOS is now confident to offer our customers a supreme user experience that leads to an increased customer engagement.”- Joao Ferreira, Director of Innovation Services at NOS.

Media Distillery’s award-winning Deep Content UnderstandingTM technology can analyze video content to determine relevant topics, events or specific time markers, all in real-time and cloud-based. NOS implemented Media Distillery’s product EPG Correction Distillery™ on their 70 most popular TV channels, to provide automatic adjustments to update the actual start time of television programmes as they are broadcast, so consumers can enjoy their favorite video content instantly. 

Media Distillery at NOS

Product implementedEPG CorrectionTM

Live since

Content analysed70 channels, real-time

NOS is also using the automatically generated correct time markers to insert pre-roll advertisements in their replay platform. This results in a natural transition from the content to the ad-block for the consumer, while the inserted ads create a solid revenue stream for NOS.

"We are honoured to partner with NOS to build a more compelling replay environment in which consumers can navigate programmes with an ultimate user experience. We are confident that our technology will increase the customer satisfaction of NOS’ customers.” - Roland Sars, CEO at Media Distillery.

About NOS

Type of operatorCable Operator


Lisbon, Portugal
Area servedPortugal
Video households1.7 million

About NOS 

As the largest news organisation of the Netherlands, the NOS offers reliable, independent round-the-clock reporting on news, current affairs, sports and national and international events. The NOS does this within the framework of the Dutch public broadcasting system and through a wide array of platforms: television, radio, online (, mobile apps, teletext, smart tv’s, game consoles, narrow-casting and social networks. All of this makes the NOS the premier source of information in the Netherlands.