Behind the Scenes: Media Distillery unveils new brand identity

To make a real impact on your viewer engagement, you need AI technology to understand your content.

Just a month ago we have presented our new brand, revisiting our look & identity to ensure they reflect who we are and our mission to help entertainment companies to increase viewer engagement by distilling and understanding content with AI-driven metadata solutions.

The new brand identity arose from our desire to better reflect our journey from a tech-oriented start-up in Amsterdam to a trusted, award-winning and value-driven company that is supporting TV Operators, OTT providers and broadcasters worldwide.

But let’s go a bit more in details…

Our new logo

We see things no one else can observe in a video.

Our technical abilities allow us to explore the full potential behind every video segment, which combined with our creative skills, end up generating new content value for our clients by distilling images, topics, EPG Correction and context from video content - all automatically and in real-time.

Distilling is therefore our specialty, seeing things no one else can observe in a video. Our logo wants to represent this idea with an abstract 'M' built up with different red layers that summarize our ability to analyze videos in-depth and invite users to look at things differently, without limiting the first appearance.

Our AI-Powered Solutions

Our AI technology allows us to create and imagine things not possible before.

In this fast-changing market where video players are competing more than ever for viewer attention, our AI-driven video analysis aims at empowering our customers to generate a more engaging and unique experience for users, leading to increased customer satisfaction, more viewing time and a reduced churn rate.

Offering seamless viewing experiences is becoming a true differentiator in the market and with our turnkey solutions, we offer the possibility to better understand video content, helping our customers to use their content library to the fullest and ultimately engage with their audience to the maximum.

Looking ahead

Our commitment to delivering innovative technologies that optimize viewing experiences by enabling faster access to relevant content and optimized advertising that boosts viewer engagement is fully embodied in our refreshed brand identity.

“Media Distillery has become a truly different company than just a year ago -- we never stopped looking ahead and, as such, we embarked on a journey to refresh our brand identity which now better reflects our mission to deliver enhanced viewing experiences. It is such a great accomplishment to see our new visual identity in place and advance together with our customers towards reshaping the future of the global entertainment industry.”

said Roland Sars, Media Distillery CEO.

December 9, 2021