Devoxx UK 2022

At Devoxx UK...

Projects after projects, it gets easy to get lost in all the workload without having the time to explore all the innovations and cool developments happening in the dev world. Devoxx UK is here to bring a change: a 3-day conference where developers come together to explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas on a wide variety of topics.

…there will be plenty of surprises!

Among the many talented people from the developer world, our Machine Learning Engineer, Bram Zijlstra, will discuss the hard lessons learned from putting machine learning into production sharing both successful moments and failure stories.

Join his session ‘OPS I did it again: lessons learned from moving machine learning to production' on May 13th at 13:40 (UK time) to discover more about his experience and bring these key takeaways home with you!

London is calling! 

The conference will take place on 11-13th of May at the Business Design Center in London. 

Check out the official website to find more information.

April 7, 2022