Streamline your EPG Correction Monitoring with Insights Distillery

Insights Distillery at a glance

To assist operational teams in monitoring the EPG Correction service and ensure that the expected quality is delivered, we have developed Insights Distillery.

With Insights Distillery, operational teams have an easy and instant overview of the performance of the EPG Correction service on all enabled channels. It provides:

  • An aggregate overview of the channel performance - see how it performed in the last day, week, month, or custom timeframe.
  • Insights into the relevant quality metrics such as the detected start/end times coverage per channel
  • Detailed data per program, including the program identifier, the scheduled start/end, and the detected start/end

Insights Distillery can be easily accessed via a web browser but it is also available as an API that can feed existing tools. This can allow operation teams to access our data within their current workflows.

Insights Distillery is provided as an optional add-on to the EPG Correction service.

February 16, 2023