How to make sure your viewers discover relevant content in the blink of an eye?

Webinar together with Broadband TV News

How did Netflix invent binge-watching? Netflix’s streaming service and other video streaming companies exploded when they figured out a big weak spot in the TV business: the user experience. And one of the main key aspects is the time to find and discover relevant content. The longer it will take to your users, the less relevant content they will get recommended, the faster you will lose customer loyalty.

How to enrich your video service with perfect recommendations and a search function that allow customers to discover the content they’re most interested in and in the blink of an eye? And how do we get rid of ‘0 results found’ when viewers actively search for content of their interest?

Great TV would anticipate the unexpected by surprising viewers with content they didn’t even know they wanted to watch. Content they didn’t search for… because they didn’t know it existed until you show them based on their preferences.

So they say ‘content is king’. But what’s the point in having content no one can find? In this webinar, we changed perspectives on how content discovery should be done, and how it shouldn’t.


  • Thomas Bichlmeir, Distribution & Commercial Strategy, Discovery Communications Deutschland
  • Stefan Ties, Product Manager, Content Discovery, Zattoo
  • Martin Prins, Head of Product, Media Distillery
  • Moderator: Julian Clover, Editor, Broadband TV News
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July 1, 2020