Infographic: What’s the true value of cleaner EPG data?

Nine compelling data points from our customer base that illustrate why video services can't afford to accept inaccuracy

When you're aggregating live channels and offering CatchUp TV, EPG accuracy is a well-known challenge that creates major frustration for replay users. But the tangible benefits of cleaning up your EPG data can be hard to assess.

We've compiled an insightful new infographic, "What’s the Value of Cleaner EPG Data?" that illustrates the undeniable importance of EPG Correction.

It brings together nine compelling data points from our customer base of operators that use EPG Correction Distillery to improve the user experience for more than 30 million households worldwide and over 1,000 separate channels.

From enhancing user experience and increasing viewer engagement to reducing customer complaints and boosting NPS scores, the evidence is clear.

  • Explore the infographic to uncover:
  • The real-world effects of EPG Correction on user experience
  • Its role in driving viewer engagement
  • The positive impact on NPS and customer satisfaction

Don't let inaccuracies in EPG data hinder the potential of your replay services. See the difference accurate data can make!

Want to know more about what EPG Correction Distillery can do for your replay user experience? Why not book a demo to see our solutions in action.

March 5, 2024