Innovation in Content Distribution

Online Panel together with Nextv Series Europe & CEE

What do we mean by innovation in content distribution? There are three main different pillars that can help us decode the current and imminent changes that the TV industry is subjected to. Ranging from content strategies to distribution channels, one of the key focuses remains customer-centricity, ensuring users’ satisfaction with relevant content selections, easy to navigate UIs and on-spot recommendations.

But how to provide an advanced user experience meeting new content consumption habits? What are the content discovery strategies that are currently in place? And what should we expect in terms of innovations in content distribution?

For as much as ‘content is king’, it is imperative not to lose the focus on the way in which content is visualized and distributed, remembering that the milestones for any UI and UX improvement are good-quality metadata. In this online discussion, we addressed how continuous adjustments and user proximity are key factors for future innovations.


  • Frank Rippl, Head of Product TV & Entertainment Europe, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Ivor Micallef, Director Entertainment Products, Telenet
  • Ignacio Garcia Legaz, TV Direction, Vodafone Group
  • Roland Sars, CEO & Co-Founder, Media Distillery


  • Monique Van Dusseldorp

December 7, 2020