Come visit us at IBC 2022!

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Come visit us at IBC 2022!  

As the world’s most influential media and technology show is finally back in Amsterdam, we could not miss the opportunity to re-live this show in its full glory! 

When and Where to Find Us

We hope you’re looking forward to going back to IBC as much as we are because we have plenty of innovations to show you! From the 9th till the 12th of September, you can find us in the 'Content Everywhere Hall' at booth 5.H42, very close to the 'IBC Content Everywhere Hub Theatre'.

Our team will be back in full force, showcasing the latest innovations in Content Discovery, and how AI can help to automatically extract meaning out of linear broadcast content creating additional value for you and your viewers. Our team will be presenting several live demonstrations.

We can’t wait to have a meeting with you to show you what we've been up to (and hear your news)!

Visit Our Speaking Sessions

Our CEO, Roland Sars will be on stage in a panel discussion about discovery, personalisation and engagement. The holy grail for video services is to provide seamless viewing experiences by putting the right content in front of the right viewer at the right time. This session draws together a variety of approaches to illustrate some of the available options.

Location: Hall 5, IBC Content Everywhere Hub Theatre

Date & Time: Friday 09 September 2022 at 12:00

Media Distillery and NLZIET are partnering to improve viewing experiences for NLZIET. During this session, Martin Prins, our Head of Product, and Sander Kouwenhoven, CTO at NLZIET, will discuss how they boost user engagement and content discovery with the help of Media Distillery's tech.

Location: Hall 8, BaM Live stage 8.F54

Date & Time: Friday 09 September 2022 at 12:30

What to Expect 

Reimagine your viewing experience with our AI-powered solutions!

Play with the sliders below to discover the impact of our products!

EPG Correction Distillery™

Nowadays, the user experience people get from the main VOD services is what they also come to expect from any other content provider. You click on a video and the content starts playing from the very beginning. Sounds simple, right? While this can be easy to achieve on VOD content, catch-up and replay services are still very far from reaching this level. The main reason is that the latter relies on the times set on the EPG which are normally inaccurate, leading to a bad user experience and frustration for the viewers.

But that becomes all part of the past with our EPG Correction Distillery™, adjusting programs' start- and end-times and enabling the most accurate EPGs and optimal on-demand viewing experiences. 

Topic Distillery™

Topic Distillery™ addresses a key pain point for Video Service Providers: a lack of descriptive metadata, inherently related to non-scripted live content like news, sports, talk-shows and reality shows. This absence makes it impossible to know in advance what the actual content is about.

With Topic Distillery™ we enable broadcasters, pay-TV operators, and OTT streamers to enable faster access to relevant content, by adding actionable topic metadata and content chaptering, facilitating content discovery, and offering more content on their favourite topics.
Viewers can more efficiently find the content they’re looking for, by topic or area of interest, spending less time searching and more time enjoying their chosen content. Meanwhile, operators benefit from more viewers accessing a wider array of content that was not possible to find before.

Image Distillery™

A majority of viewers use the video service User Interface to find inspiration on what to watch next, and they often end up facing a multitude of stock images that do not reflect the essence of the content, nor help the viewer to pick the right thing quickly, but also gives a dated and generic look to the platform.

With Image Distillery™ we offer Broadcasters, TV Operators and OTT Video Services a fully automated solution that delivers high-quality and attractive images directly from the broadcast feed or video asset, with no need for manual editorial intervention or processing.

Don't you believe it? They say 'Seeing is believing' after all...

Play with the slider below to discover how we can transform your UI from fully populated with non-descriptive generic stock images to eye-catching and informative representations that illustrate the programme and attract viewers' attention!

Context Distillery for Ads™ 

Your favourite cooking show is on and you get interrupted by a toilet paper commercial. Annoying, right? But what if your viewers would see an ad related to the food they are just seeing on their screen? With Context Distillery for Ads™, this is all possible: we enable video services to contextually match ads with the content they offer.

Our solution accurately distills context from video, connecting TV programs with relevant advertisements based on purely contextual data, in a privacy-friendly way and unlocking better ad placement opportunities.

August 19, 2022