We are shortlisted for the International Broadcast and Media Awards 2022!

Topic Distillery is a finalist of the Consume Category

Transforming the video industry with the latest AI technologies already for 8 years, we believe that innovation is the key driving force of business and creative benefits. And that is why we were extremely delighted to be shortlisted for the Consume Category of the International Broadcast and Media Awards!

As the authoritative voice for the Broadcast & Media industry, IABM facilitates networking and interaction that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the Broadcast and Media technology industry. Products that are recognized by the judging panel not only serve as examples of technological innovation but also bring special value to the market and set new content chain standards.

The category Consume is the final link in the content chain. It defines all the touchpoints with the end-consumer of the content. Our product Topic Distillery (currently in the testing phase) delivers exactly that: by enabling consumers to quickly access the content of interest via topic-based discovery, it sets the viewing experience to a whole new level.

Where, When

The event will take place on Thursday 1st December 2022 at Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Pimlico, London.

More information about the BaM Awards can be found on the event website.

November 14, 2022