OTT Question Time #55

OTT Has Been With us for Quite A Bit

Over the past decade, OTT platforms have gone through major changes. 

In 2005, broadcasters were only at the very starting point of developing proper systems and workflows to create functional VOD services. Taking these initial steps to the next level, the years between 2012 and 2015 were all about upgrading the groundwork.

In 2016, viewers were getting increasingly interested in finding the best VOD platform while broadcasters were hoping that their VOD services would start paying back. 

In the following years, the industry matured and consolidated its growth till an unexpected phenomenon (we all know it very well) changed our lives...

Changes in the Industry - Where are We Now?

Due to the pandemic, many unprecedented changes took place in the industry. So what does the OTT industry look like in 2022? And where are we in the OTT product development cycle? These questions and more are the main focus of the OTT Question Time #55. 

Our CTO, Geert Vos, will be discussing together with:

  • Chris Ambrozic, VP & GM, Discovery at TiVo, 
  • Børre Sandvik, Executive Vice President, VIA, at Vimond Media Solutions, 
  • Renato Bonomini, VP of Global Presales at ContentWise,

touching upon the following topics in details: 

  • Current industry trends like D2C, SVOD saturation and addressable advertising
  • The most popular devices for watching OTT
  • Whether the era of big CAPEX spending is now over
  • Innovation and experimentation as drivers for increasing revenues
  • What else we might see in this product development cycle

Where, When, How to Join

OTT Question Time #55 was streamed on the VOD Professional, official website, at 4PM (GMT+1) on Thursday, April 7th. 

March 7, 2022