State of AI in 2022

Our Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Bram Zijlstra, examines the key advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and delves into their potential implications for the future of work.

State of AI in 2022.

In 2022, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain was shaped by three key themes: universal automation, increasing impact on every layer of society and accelerated development. One of the most notable developments in AI this year was the launch of ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI.

The rise of ChatGPT is one of the major AI trends in 2022.

ChatGPT has already begun to challenge the current way of working in various industries, from software development to marketing, by allowing for the optimisation of time and resources. However, like real humans, the model is not perfect and can make mistakes, such as not being sensitive to context and lacking a sense of ethics.

Timeline of image generation software.

Proprietary companies like OpenAI might give the impression that making progress is only for big tech companies, but 2022 has shown tremendous success in open-source initiatives as well. In just over a year Dall-E was met with open-source alternatives, of which Stable Diffusion is the most famous example. This shows that companies have only a short window for making a profit, before consumers and small businesses can opt for free alternatives.

The current state of AI video generation.

With a wide scale of text and image generation models available, researchers have moved to the next frontier: text-to-video generation. Last year both Google and Meta announced their first models, in 2023 we can expect this space to be much more crowded.

Intention as the key in AI idea generation process.

With machines becoming increasingly better at generating texts, art, and even videos it raises the question of what is left for us. It is tempting to think that we are becoming redundant, but we have been automating parts of the chain from idea generation to consumption. The substantiation of ideas is just one more part of the chain. Computers are still reliant on us for the most important part though: the intention.

Geopolitical tension for the dominance in Artificial Intelligence.

At the global level, Artificial Intelligence has become a key area in geopolitical tensions. Both the United States and China have increased the arms race for investing in research and development. While the US dominates in terms of publications and research, China leads in the number of AI applications, such as video understanding, image generation, and semantic segmentation.

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January 18, 2023

Published by:

Bram Zijlstra