Throwback to 2020

The year in which the most unexpected has happened has finally come to an end. 2020 was all about news, disruptions, major historic events, and…changes! In a year in which we had to adapt to new ways of living, including new habits and routines, our certainties and plans have also been shacked. But did you take a moment to reflect on the entire past year?

Certainly, COVID-19 was all around the news, but what if there was more than that? With our advanced AI technology detecting topics, faces and emotions in video, we went over the full 2020 to discover what were the hottest topics, the most popular public figures and a lot more in the TV News. Have a look with us!

1 | Who were the trending people of 2020 on Dutch TV?

2 | Overall in 2020, what were the most trending topics?

3 | What is the evolution of the trending topics during the year?

The percentages show the proportional popularity of a topic per month. A score of 100% means the most popular topic of the month; the topics that follow are relative to the most popular topic.

4 | Which part of the world was the most in the news in 2020?

5 | Which part of the world was most in the news throughout 2020?

February 10, 2021

Published by:

Bram Zijlstra

Machine Learning Expert