Tweakers Developers Summit 2022

You might be wondering...what is the Tweakers Developer Summit?

Imagine more than 500 passionate developers all coming together for innovative and in-depth tech talks and...there you are at the Tweakers developer summit! 

An event open to an international audience of tech-savvy developers that offers a plethora of masterclasses and workshops on different topics, ranging from AI&Machine Learning to Security&Privacy. 

In conclusion? If you are a developer, you need to mark this event on your calendar!

Any familiar faces this year?

Language models like GPT-3 have dominated the AI news in the last few years, opening doors to endless opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

After participating in the 2020 edition, our machine learning engineer, Bram Zijlstra, is back with a new talk. During his masterclass, he will tackle the topic of language models by giving a practical guide on how to train a Dutch language model similar to GPT-3 and dive into its several applications. 

If you are curious to learn more about the topic, his session "If it ain’t Dutch: how to pre-train language models" is a must!  The session will be held in Dutch. 

Where, when?

After the 2021 online edition, this year the Tweakers Developer Summit is back in its physical form at DeFabrique, Utrecht on June 23rd. We hope to see you there!

Find more information on the summit's official website

May 31, 2022