Video interview with Roland Sars during ANGACOM 2018

Watch the interview with our CEO, Roland Sars, during ANGACOM 2019

Our CEO, Roland Sars, stresses the importance of metadata to solve some of the most pressing issues when watching a television program in an online replay environment at the ANGACOM 2018 Conference. 

Roland discusses our EPG Correction Distillery™ product that helps correct the start and end times of television programs, so consumers no longer have to miss the first couple of minutes of a program because they were not recorded or sit through a few minutes of television advertisements because the program started later than scheduled. Using our product Image Distillery™, which selects the perfect image to represent a television program or a specific episode of a television show, as an example, Roland further explains how analyzing video content can help enhance the consumers' visual experience.

July 9, 2018