Webinar: No Ads? Fewer Ads? Better Ads?

No Ads? Fewer Ads? Better Ads? How AI will supercharge subscriber loyalty and NPS

Pay TV operators face an uphill battle to keep subscribers satisfied, loyal and engaged. How can AI-powered technologies and strategies help them to protect and grow revenues in the face of fierce competition?

Swisscom has taken a pioneering approach to this challenge, making innovative use of AI to offer premium service that allows subscribers to seamlessly skip the adverts when watching Catch Up TV. Swisscom calls this chargeable service Replay Comfort and it’s already driving significant uplift in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Register for this webinar to get further insight on the project from Swisscom’s Philipp Wuethrich, Head of TV and Smart Products Backend Software Development at Switzerland’s leading diversified telecom service provider.

You’ll also hear from Media Distillery’s Head of Product, Martin Prins, on the AI-powered solution behind this Swisscom innovation, Ad Break Distillery™, which detects ad breaks for channels where broadcast ad signalling is unavailable.

He’ll also provide suggestions of other ways that this advanced ad-break detection technology can be used including;

  • To replace outdated linear ads with more relevant, and therefore more valuable, OTT advertisements.
  • To improve replay viewing experiences by applying trick-play restrictions only to the ad break instead of the entire programme.
  • To open up new revenue streams with the sale of separate ad space for linear and replay content.
  • To match viewing data with ad break timings for a more data-driven advertising strategy.

They’ll be joined on the panel by Maria Rua Aguete from Omdia who will provide a broader perspective on industry trends in advertising, churn reduction and new models of revenue-generation.

The panel will be moderated by Omar Oakes, Editor-in-Chief of The Media Leader.

Date: 6 June 2024

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM BST

May 16, 2024