What happened in…March?!

A new way to discover what the world has been up to.

Staying up-to-date with what the world has to offer is not always an easy task.

Nowadays viewers are exposed to thousands of stimuli with the common tendency to lose themselves among multitudes of info, ending up not knowing anymore where to look at and failing to quickly retrieve and follow topics of their interest.

But what if we would tell you that it can be different? With our advanced AI-based technology for detecting topics in video, we went over March to discover what news and which people dominated the scene.

1 | Which were the most popular types of news?

2 | Who were the top 20 public figures?

3 | Who were the top 10 trending people in…

The size of the names is equal to the number of mentions received by the public figure in the news.

But what is the true power of fully understanding video content?

With our advanced AI technology, we are able to identify and categorize topics in news content, extracting snippets that enable your viewers to follow topics of their interest and get notified when the story develops. But what kind of news content are we dealing with?

ANYTHING, it ranges from following…


We are now all familiar with these events, but what if it would be possible to access them while they are happening? Thanks to our technology, after spotting main topics in news content, we are able to follow their evolution in real-time, ultimately allowing your viewers to easily find and stay up to date on their own favourite topics.

April 29, 2021