Media Distillery Review: 2022 in Numbers

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back on our most significant achievements this year.

From market wins to breakthroughs in technology, Media Distillery has gone a long way. But we would not have reached half our success without the support of our partners, customers, and most importantly, dedicated and talented employees.


Our business has significantly expanded with acquiring 7 new customers, including Sunrise, MEO, Vodafone Portugal, and NLZIET. We attended 22 events across the world, and won 3 important awards: 2 VideoTech Innovation awards in the categories “UX and Content Discovery” and “Advanced TV Service of the Year”, and CSI awards for the category “Best use of AI or Machine Learning in the video”. We broadened our network, becoming a member of 3 associations: DPP, TUYAD, and IABM.


Our pioneering solution Topic Distillery was swiftly recognised in the industry thanks to the impact on topic-based content discovery. We hit our record, analysing 4.2 million hours of video from 17 countries! Moreover, we inserted time markers in 5.5 million programs and created 1.3 million images in one year.


Welcoming 11 new colleagues, we now have representatives from 14 countries in our team. We moved offices, settling down in cozy Amsterdam downtown. Not to forget our company values, we had plenty of fun together: a company trip to Prague, four big events including supping on the north sea, a liquor distillery course, a Christmas party, and a Bob Ross workshop.

Thank you for being part of this fantastic year.
Cheers for even more prosperous year 2023!

December 13, 2022